Why is Sinagpore a better choice to study abroad?

Singapore is a country which has the most modern educational system in Asean. Singapore is always considered as the perfect choice beside England, America, Australia, ... And the certificates as well as degrees at Universities in Singapore are authenticated and highly appreciated in over the world. OEC believes that Singapore is a better choice for your future, this post help you get to know ...

The education system of Singapore

The education system of Singapore is based on the primary system of modern countries such as England, Australia, ... Students have many opportunities to choose their studies at Public, Private or International schools. The education of Singapore always focuses on the combination between the practice and the theory as well as life skills for students. Besides, the training facilities in Singapore are eqipped as international standard, which is extremely convienient for your study.

The cost for study abroad 

OEC believes that Singapore is the perfect choice for both students and parents who do not have much money but still want to have bright future career... because the cost for study abroad or the cost of living in Singapore is much more comfortbale than England, Australia, America,Germany, ... Morever, many universities and colleges in Singapore which has cooperated with famous ones in the world, so, when you study in Singapore, you still get the officially degrees from the universities in England, Australia, America, France, ... with the cost is much more cheaper.

Career opportunities

OEC is proud to say that the employers who have trend to look for Vietnamese students graduated in Singapore, compared with other countries in Asia. When students study in Singapore, they are trained about labor and social disciplines, which is a good primary basis to contribute for the growth of the enterprises. We can see these good things right from normal workers such as taxi drivers, toursit guides, ... to senior managers; from primary students to students in the university.

The low travel expenses

It takes over 3 hours of flight from Ha Noi and 1 hour from HCM city to Singapore. Morever, you do not need visa, just need passport, flight tickets and not too expensive so it is easy to come to Singapore to visit your relatives.
OEC hopes that the above information which plays a part of a role in making decision where to invest for studying abroad as well as helps students get to know more about Singapore before going there to study.