Singapore Study Camp is designed for Vietnamese students only who will have chance to get more knowledge, experiences; exchange the culture and people as well. After the camp, students are definitely more confident in speaking English to apply soft skills in the real life, study and future career.
  • Trained skills in the camp: Time management, Career orientation, Critca...

The schedule of the Study camp

Day 1: Viet Nam - Singapore : Wonderful beginning
Morning - Flight procedures from Viet Nam - Singapore.
- Students are taught how to check in at the airport.
Tasks: Essential items for going abroad (documents, luggage, procedures)
Afternoon - Flight procedures at Changi-Jewel airport and take luggage
- Visiting Changi-Jewel airport - Impressive destination
- Check in hotel procedures
- Tea break and Introduction about the program, the rules.
- Exploring the Traffic and Singaporean food - be like Singaporean
Task: V-log (airport, traffic)
Post: The impression about Jewel-terminal 1
Day 2: Time is Golden - Study how to manage the time effectively (Time management)
Morning - Greeting and Introduction from CEO-GSTM
- Time management skill class
- The study system of Singapore

Practising at classroom.
Task: What should and shouldn't we do to change and use your time effectively?
Afternoon - Exploring City Hall, visiting the famous places of Singapore: The Sphinx,...
- Visiting The National Library
Task: V-log and be a toursit guide
Post: The culture in reading of Singaporean
Food: Famous Chicken rice
Day 3: Future jobs - Career Coaching
Morning - "Career coaching" class
Exploring and expressing yourself with your future career choice
Task: Analyzing SWOT yourself and your favourite job to find out the concordance.
Exploring "Education business - GSTM", Foodstall at Food court.
Afternoon and Evening - Visiting AAC, Lasalle college
Visiting and exploring the culture The Chinese town, Singaporean food
- Visiting The Clacke Quay - Entertainting place at night
Task: V-log toursit guide
Post: 5 differences between The Public system and Private system in Singapore
Day 4: Creatical Thinking
Morning - "Creatical Thinking" class
Practising skills
Task: "Change thoughts, change your life"
Post: The Application of The creatical Thinking in studying and life.
Afternoon - Visiting Botanic Garden, Butterflies garden
- Explore The Night city - Orchard Road
Task: V-log and toursit guide
Post: Why is Singapore chosen The green city?
Day 5: Presentation skill
Morning - Presentation skill class - Attractively and effectively
Practicing at class
Task: Make a dicision which method is a suitable presentation one to yourself
Afternoon - Visiting Public Singapore University
- Team building at Eastcoast park
Task: V-log of the day
Post: " Education in Public system in Singapore" or " The qualities of a leader"
Day 6: Money management
Morning - Money management
- Make the plan of money management for yourself
Task: Make the plan of money management for yourself till an exact time
Afternoon - Visiting Bugis Pagoda
- The city of Malayan
- Visit and explore Sentosa
Task: V-log of the day
Post: "The smokeless industry: Service and entertaintment"
Task required: Essential skills to survival everywhere
Day 7: Singapore - Viet Nam: Home sweet home
Morning - Check out at Campus
- Farewell tea break
Afternoon - Flight procedures at Changi airport
- Home sweet home
- Meal in the day: Students feeding themselves (5-7SGD/meal)
- Subway, bus card (50 SGD/week)

In Singapore, students are going to be experienced activities in practising places. Students not only improve their English level, but also study soft skills such as: Time management, money management, Technology and Tourism, The culture of Singaporean, ... The program has many skills classes in the morning in the training places; activities in the afternoon such as visiting The national library, team building, ...
Students must complete the assignments in each trip which is related with the trip and subjects in the program. These assignments are designed by English Falcuty and partner of A party.
With students of CLC TT23 only, the scores will be converted with a part of a module of the English falcuty program (CLC TT23) which students study in ULIS. The convertation will be publiced before the trip by English Falcuty.

The length of study 
Morning: 3 hours in a class
Afternoon: 3 hours in a practical trip
30 hours/ 05 days

1. The program is designed with the suitable cost to students, including fee, food, accomodation, tickets, parties, certificate, insurance, ...
2. Cost: 12,800,000 vnd/person  (without shopping, healthcare and tickets to visit the landscape)
3. The cost of the trip must be finished before 1 month the trip begins
4. Time: based on the schedule of company
Please visit us via:

OEC Oversea Education Consultancy

ADD: Park 08 - 02 - 03 Parkhill Times city, 458 Minh Khai, Ha Noi
Hotline: 0965 600 660 or 024 3732 1063